Histórias da Geologia

Este blog pretende ser um espaço de reflexão sobre a evolução do conhecimento geológico ao longo dos tempos, principalmente a partir do século XVII, não esquecendo porém as pequenas histórias que fazem a grande história

sexta-feira, janeiro 27, 2006

Geologia, Geociências ou Ciências da Terra?

'Changes are afoot within the discipline of geology. One sign of this shift is the controversy over what the field should be called. Do we stay with the traditional term, geology? Or embrace a new name, such as geoscience, Earth Science, or Earth systems science? I prefer the first term, despite its implication of referring exclusively to the solid Earth, geology contains hidden resonances. In ancient Greek, or Gaia meant earth in the sense of soil, but also Mother Earth, the sheltering source of life, as well as one's country of homeland. Geology may then be taken as the search for a logos of Gaia - an account of Mother Earth, the planet that we call home.'

En FRODEMAN, R. (ed.). Earth Matters. The Earth Sciences, Philosophy, and the Claims of Community. Prentice-Hall, 2000, p. vii.