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sexta-feira, abril 21, 2006

William Buckland

William Buckland 150th anniversary symposiumUniversity of Oxford12 August 2006

The Oxford University Museum of Natural History, the History of Geology Group (HOGG) and the Palaeontological Association are meeting together on Saturday 12th August 2006 - the 150th anniversary of the death of William Buckland (1784-1856) for a day of talks on the charismatic William Buckland. The Museum is also mounting an exhibition of his specimens at the Museum.

10.30 Coffee, followed by a series of 30-minute presentations, as below:
Jim Kennedy (Oxford): Introduction. William Buckland, Biographical Outlines
John Brooke (Oxford). "On Grand, Original Design". Buckland and hisPalaeo-theology
Hugh Torrens (Keele) William Buckland and the transmission of Britishstratigraphic knowledge
Martin Rudwick (San Diego / Cambridge). Buckland, Agassiz and Glacial Theory
Philip Powell (Oxford). New Light on the History of "Megalosaurus"; the Great Lizard of Stonesfield
Simon Knell (Leicester). William Buckland and Museum as Network Hub
Jonathan Topham (Leeds). As much a Newspaper Subject as an Horrid Murder. William Buckland's Bridgewater Treatise
Ralph O'Connor (Cambridge). Journey to the Centre of the Earth: William Buckland and Geological Storytelling.
Phillip Taquet (Paris): Buckland and Cuvier
Claudia Schweizer (Vienna): Pioneers of Palaeobotany: Buckland, Brongniart, Sternberg, and their relations with Schlotheim
Patrick Boylan (Leicester): William Buckland and the early institutionalisation of geology: the Oxford Readership, Geological Society and British Association.


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